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Freecall 1800 804 617 for Phone Support.
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Our Next Meeting on Wednesday 6 August
Speaker: Eric Hudson, experienced counsellor and former GAMMA member
Topic: Eric has been a frequent speaker at GAMMA and draws on wisdom gained from his professional knowledge and his personal journey as a formerly married man.
Dinner before the meeting: on their way to GAMMA meetings, some of of our men gather at the Shakespeare Hotel in Devonshire Street to enjoy a meal and a chat.
It's a pleasant thing to do and good value for money:
all meals are $12.50, with quite a wide choice in the menu.

President Message

Steven Bloom

Phone Support

As well as meetings, GAMMA operates a phone support line. If you ring us, you will not be talking to a call centre but to a competent trained GAMMA member who has been on similar journey to yourself. Anyone is welcome to call for support, information and referrals.

The service has a Freecall number and you can ring from anywhere in New South Wales for the price of a local call.

So, if you've got a problem you'd like to discuss, or are hesitant about coming to a meeting in person, or simply not able to get to Sydney easily, please give us a call.

The number is 1800 804 617.

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Our Next Social Event

GAMMA Brunch | Sunday 3 August | from 10:30 am
Grandma's Little Bakery | 42 O'Riordan Street | Alexandria

Though Grandma's has had some mixed reviews, the men from GAMMA had a good experience when we went there last.

There's plenty of space so it's not crowded, though it's sometimes busy on a Sunday morning.

Most people like the food, and those who've been urged to try the scones say they haven't been disappointed.

Also, if you want to take something home, there's a bakery shop with plenty of choices at the rear of the premises.

For more information, their website is Grandma's Little Bakery Alexandria.

What's New

Midwinter Dinner


We chalked up another winner this year with our 2014 Midwinter Dinner, held on 18 June at the Paddo RSL.

Our speaker was Neal Blewett, who was part of the Hawke government that introduced Medicare. During the eighties, he joined with people like his chief adviser, Bill Bowtell, who became an expert on HIV, Ita Buttrose and Alex Wodak from St Vincents, and together they took what was then an unprecedented step.

They fought the AIDS epidemic from the community point of view rather than handing down medical information from on high, which was the usual practice.

Most unusually for a Federal Minister, Neal was very hands on, and has anecdotes to tell that could have only come from the front line. There were threats to cancel the Mardi Gras as it might spread infection, medical practitioners who thought they'd catch the disease, and the much-debated Grim Reaper TV commercial, made in response to the fear of what would happen if AIDS spread into the mainstream as it had done in African countries.

A stimulating evening, with a speaker unlike any other we've had before, and all the better for it.




Anderson Cooper and the Ex-Gay Movement

The ex-gay movement consists of people and organisations that encourage others who have identified as gay to refrain from entering into or pursuing same-sex relationships, to eliminate their homosexual desires, to develop heterosexual desires, and to enter into a heterosexual relationship. The tactics used sound like a throwback to the aversion therapies of the fifties.

In Australia, Anthony Venn-Brown is the highest profile person whose focusses on the deconstruction of the myth. In Texas however, the right to have access to the therapy has been added to the Republican party platform.

But not everyone agrees.

Here's what Anderson Cooper, one of the most intelligent and incisive journalists on US television, had to say to a Texas senator who spoke out in favour of the law.

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