Zoom Support Meeting


Zoom Support Meeting

From 7:30pm until 9:30pm

At ZOOM - registration required

Organiser Steven Bloom / 0408668908


Due to COVID-19 all GAMMA Support meeting are conducted using the Zoom web conferencing facility. We've done our best to make sure this is private and secure by allowing only registered users to access this link.

In order to maintain your safety and privacy, you MUST register in order to attend this event.

Please include your email and phone number.

In the event that you have audio problems we will be able to dial you into the call if you provide your phone number.

If you are downloading the Zoom software please ensure it is up-to-date or it may not work correctly. 

Download the Zoom software from https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting


Please give us feedback so we can provide you this service at times and dates that suit you but also provide the necessary safety and security we normally offer when attending our meetings in person.


It is vitally important to all those who attend to adhere to our group agreements:

  1. Confidentiality, Safety, security. Everyone is in a different stage in their life and specifically the process of coming out. Many men that attend a GAMMA meeting may not have come out to anyone. The conversations and information revealed in this meeting are considered private and confidential and are not to be discussed with anyone outside this meeting. It's a very small planet and it doesn't take more than a few words to accidentally out someone and cause damage to one or more people. The results can be quite devastating.
  2. This is a non judgemental environment. We want this to be a place where you feel safe to discuss things freely and without the fear of us judging you in any way. Share your experience as opposed to giving advice, sermonising, using "should", or giving homilies. We are not here to advise, instruct, or decide on whether you are right or wrong about what's happening in your life.
  3. GAMMA is a support group. Although many men say that their experience of coming to GAMMA meetings is therapeutic, it isn't a therapy session. It means that we are here to listen, and share our experiences with each other. It's through those experiences that we can all glean something that may be helpful to ourselves. It's also ok to "pass" and be a silent observer.
  4. Non sexualised environment. Although GAMMA has a social element, its main purpose is to support people going through the process of acknowledging their same sex attraction. It's important that everyone feels comfortable and that it isn't a place where you feel worried about being hit on or picked up. It doesn't mean that you won't make friends or form relationships, but we need to be cognisant of providing a supportive and caring environment for each other.

By registering for the Zoom meeting you acknowledge that you understand and are willing to abide by these rules.

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