Zoom Support Meetings

We are now running all support meetings via Zoom until further notice.

Please go to the events page and register for each session you wish to attend. Zoom sessions will only run if we receive registrations before the date of the session.

If you have further questions or you require assistance please call:

GAMMA Hotline on 1800 804 617, or
Chat or call via WhatsApp +61429379482
GAMMA Facebook page and the Send Message link

GAMMA President Steven Bloom

President's Welcome Message

Thanks for joining us on the website of the Gay And Married Men’s Association – GAMMA. The purpose of GAMMA is to provide safe and confidential opportunities for men to discuss and consider issues relating to their sexuality and the relationships in their lives.

We are a peer support group run by men who have been through their own journey and we meet twice a month to listen to each other, provide support, and often have a guest speaker on a relevant topic of interest.

Many men come to their first meeting feeling vulnerable, uncertain, perhaps confused, and concerned about what lies ahead. Some face problems demanding immediate attention whilst others are still coming to grips with their own internal feelings. Whatever the case we are here to help.

It can be a big step to make a call, read this website, or attend a meeting so I’ve prepared a video to give you a brief overview of what to expect when you attend a meeting.

Welcome to GAMMA

Steven Bloom, President of the Gay And Married Men’s Association NSW (GAMMA), welcomes men who haven’t yet attended any of the group’s meetings and tells them what to expect when they come to a meeting.
  • covid-19
    Due to COVID-19 we have decided to cancel all Support Meetings till the end of April. This includes:

    18-March-2020 1-April-2020 15-April-2020

    Should you require assistance please call the GAMMA Hotline on 1800 804 More

    617, or WhatsApp +61429379482