Women Partners of Bisexual Men

Men in relationships with women who have sex with men
and men in relationships with women who are sexually attracted to men…

Please tell us your story.

Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre has been running a specialist service since 2000 for women whose male partners or husbands are sexually attracted to men or have recently come out as gay. The service – NSW Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service – helps hundreds of women each year through its phone counselling and Sydney support groups.

It’s about to publish its second book on this issue where women give personal accounts of their experiences. It follows the huge interest from across Australia when the first book was published, “His Secret, Her Story.”

They’re now planning a new companion book – this time from the men’s perspective.

The book will be about men who have experienced coming out as gay from a heterosexual long-term relationship, or men who are still in relationships and may be having sex with men or questioning their sexuality.

Many of the women the centre supports have spoken about how valuable it would be to hear stories from men and it’s hoped the book will help both men and women.

The interviews will be completely anonymous and all names will be changed, as well as anything you may be concerned about such as employment, locations, children and new partners.

The interviews will be conducted either on the phone or in person by Sam Wills. Sam most recently worked in Government but worked for many years as an ABC reporter, and all information will be treated confidentially and sensitively. The idea is to tell your story verbally, in your own words.

Depending on the story, the interview would take about one hour.

If you’d like to tell your story, please contact

Sam Wills on 0437 140 029

or email womenpartners@lwchc.org.au


  1. Sandro
    May 20, 2017 @ 5:12 am

    I am lying about my sexuality and I cannot seem to come out. I need help please. I recently signed up for Grindr and would like to tell the folks


    • spbloom
      June 9, 2017 @ 12:54 pm

      Hi Sandro,
      Feel free to contact our hotline 1800 804 617 for a chat. I also recommend going to dale.org.au and post messages and join live chats to help you through your process.



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